USP 2: Urban World System

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USP2 examines urban-regional development and planning from theoretical, ethical, historical-comparative, ecological and global perspectives. Students are challenged to think critically about five major sets of questions: (1) How are global socio-economic, cultural and environmental changes interlinked? (2) Are global urban and economic growth trajectories environmentally sustainable; what types of agencies deal with such concerns; what are the ethical issues? (3) What forces shape the contemporary division of labor among cities–including the rise of the so-called global assembly line and world cities? (4) From an historical perspective, how does urban and industrial growth in developing countries compare to such growth in developed countries? (5) What role can research universities and urban-regional planning play in efforts to improve quality of life and place in our increasingly globalized world?

Professor Keith Pezzoli

TAs Kyle Haines, Ben Volta, and Ryan Jablonski

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