USP 171 Oscar Romo Summer Session II

Links to the readings will be here and on ERES.

Professor Oscar Romo

TA Kyle Haines

Since the concept of Sustainable Development was coined it has been a part of every contemporary discussion focused on the environment and development. Sustainability has become the common term to characterize projects, policies, and initiatives that may open the way to a safer future. It constitutes a guiding principle for environmental protection, social progress, economic security and international cooperation for development. USP 171 introduces the students to the origins and policies, to understand where, why, and by whom sustainability was conceived, what effect has had on policies and practices, and what the government, the private sector, and local and international organizations can do to implement them. Students will be asked how the spectacular expansion and interchange of goods and services has transformed the global environment, how attitudes, beliefs and expectations, bureaucracy, democracy, and markets figure into the evolving debates and practices. This trans-disciplinary course critically examines the diverse, often contradictory interests in sustainability, provides a history and an overview of emergent theories and practices, and places a special attention to regional and international case studies.
Course Webpage with Links to Readings: ID: 8338233 Password: sustainable
Reading Quizzes/Participation (3 x5%) 15%
Quiz Dates: Thurs 8/14, Tues 8/26, Tues 9/2
Short Assignments (3 x5%) 15%
SA Dates: Thurs 8/14, Tues 8/19, Thurs 8/28
Midterm Essay 30%
Due date: Thurs 8/21
Final Exam 40%
Due date: Thurs 9/4